Lily Fu's

Lily Fu’s, Sukhumvit 11 Rocking Asian Bistro

We were appointed by the team behind Oskar Bistro, Gigi, Quince and Sing Sing to develop and roll out the full branding and social media content strategy for their latest venue – a modern Asian bistro concept.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand in 1992, Lily learned from very early on how to find treasures in the many little things around her existence. Like most 90s kids, she didn’t grow up with smartphones which had opened a wide world of imagination. Her childhood was filled with climbing trees, playing with street pets, flying kites, and buying candies with her dad every Sunday. Her favourite part came right after that when they would walk down Sukhumvit 38 and explore the tastiest and most colorful street food alley of Bangkok.

After 10 years abroad, she decided to come back to the motherland, Bangkok city that is. A slight ‘reversed culture shock’ was inevitable during the first few months but it wasn’t long before she found like-minded people to share her free spirit with. Found her way back into hospitality by working for a specialized agency, Lily slowly realizes what Bangkok is missing: a well-blended space for this cocktail of a community with creativity in all aspects of its meaning. Preferred dishes from every Asian country, award-winning bartenders, live music every day for every mood, relatable artsy space for every Thai and foreigner there are, and most importantly, value for money.

Lily Fu’s is born.

Lily Fu's modern Asian eatery Sukhumvit
Lily Fu's Bangkok Sukhumvit 11
Lily Fu's Rocking Asian Bistro