Hospes Infante Sagres Porto Room Interior

The Rebirth of an Icon: Hospes Infante Sagres Porto

YouMakeMe is delighted to share it has been appointed to manage the rebranding, marketing and digital strategies of one of Portugal’s landmark hotels: Hospes Infante Sagres in Porto.

YouMakeMe provided comprehensive support to the rebranding journey of Hotel Infante Sagres in Porto, now known as Hospes Infante Sagres Porto.

Our dedicated team led the way in transforming the hotel’s identity, bolstering its branding, marketing, and digital strategies. Through our efforts, we have propelled one of Porto’s crown jewels to new heights.

The Infante Sagres is one of Porto’s Grande Dame of hotels, dating back to 1951 when it first opened to the public as Porto’s very first 5-star hotel.

Located in the historic heart of Porto which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has been a residence of choice for discerning travellers and international celebrities including Bob Dylan, the Dalai Lama, and British royalty.

Our involvement extended to reviewing the space programming, briefing and overseeing the designers’ and architects’ scope, crafting new graphic guidelines, revamping the hotel’s social media presence, and spearheading the new website content to reflect the hotel’s updated image.

The iconic hotel recently underwent extensive renovations, blending old-world charm, modern comforts, and personalized service seamlessly. The captivating narrative that now envelops its interiors draws inspiration from Portugal’s Age of Discovery & Exploration, paying homage to the renowned Lusiads by Camoes, a beloved piece of literature.
We are thrilled to contribute to the continuation of this legendary hotel’s legacy as a remarkable luxury landmark, where unforgettable stories unfold.