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Lily Fu’s

Telling the story of Lily Fu's, an Asian Bistro with bold and modern flair

Client: Lily Fu's Bangkok
Delivery: December 2021
Location: Bangkok


Develop, design, and roll out the branding identity & voice for Lily Fu’s Asia Bistro, the latest concept from the team behind some of Bangkok’s biggest dining and nightlife institutions Oskar Bistro, Gigi, Quince, and Sing Sing.

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Give the venue a strong voice by creating a persona inspired by an edgy millennial Thai woman, who went to live abroad at a young age, is well-traveled and returned to Thailand after 10 years to set up her own eatery. An Asian Bistro inspired by her travels and bold yet highly sociable personality.

Lily Fu's
Lily Fu's
Lily Fu's
branding in marketing toasting YouMakeMe | Lily Fu
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By giving Lily Fu’s an edgy millennial Thai persona, the restaurant’s branding and storytelling were fully developed around her attitude, tastes, and interests. Lily Fu’s  fresh branding integrates a modern twist on South East Asian design elements.

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Art Direction
Collaterals Design
Photography & Dynamic Content

Graphic Guidelines
Voice & Storytelling
Social Media content strategy
Social Media content development

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