Off Menu Bangkok

An unexpected food affair for the first time in Bangkok

Client: Tatler Asia Group
Location: Bangkok
Delivery: November 2020


Off Menu Bangkok was inspired by the success of the first Off Menu festivals, which took place in Hong Kong and in Taipei.

Off Menu is an open-air food and drink festival with chefs working at designated booths, crafting their special dishes on the spot. For the Bangkok edition, some of the most exciting chefs and mixologists in Thailand create unique, never-before-seen dishes and drinks to be served exclusively at the event for discerning diners who crave the unexpected.

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A full-on rollout of the existing branding together with a strong digital strategy to raise the ultimate awareness among the Bangkokian foodie community.

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off menu youmakeme mktg agency


Using elements of Thailand, we created dynamic visuals that tie together the concept of the events. Shooting chefs in pairs and highlighting the best features of each chef in their elements.

Off Menu Bangkok
Off Menu Bangkok
Off Menu Bangkok


Sold-out Event

Partner agency for 2021 edition


Branding adaptation
Branding roll-out
Digital marketing strategy

Event organization consulting
Video production
Content creation