coquillette color palette


The first French Pasta Bistro in Bangkok

Client: Y19
Location: Bangkok
Delivery: July 2021


Y19 – A team of innovative restaurateurs, well-known in Thailand’s F&B industry needed help branding their new concept of fresh homemade pasta combined with a traditional French twist: Coquillette.

coquillette logo animation


Position the Coquillette brand as the first French pasta bistro in Bangkok with hearty, homey and unpretentious comfort food, inspired by the flavours of Chef Clément Hernandez’ childhood in the South of France. This through a playful and French-coded branding. In less than 3 weeks, YMM provided a name, a logo, a ready-to-use branding, a website, and a tailor-made social media strategy allowing the concept to go live on delivery platforms.

stickers for coquillette
coquillette food box
food box for coquillette


With a 3-week time frame, the goal was to provide a name and a branding that will delight anyone from Frenchies seeking a familiar taste of home, to Bangkokian foodies looking to try something different and comforting. Developed a branding that could be easy to roll out, quickly identifiable and compliant with Y19’s eco-friendly packaging.

digital mockup coquilette
tomato and basil pasta Coquillette
french chocolate mousse in bangkok Coquillette
coquillette degustation
on the go with coquillette
hot cooking at coquillette
coquillette with butter, ham and pepper


3 weeks from conception to launch

Immediate social user engagement

Instant foodies recognition, with deliveries ramping up daily

overflow of raw coquillette
fresh pasta Coquillette
coquillette preparation, bourguignon way
bourguignon way coquillette
frecnh classic - coquillette with ham
chocolate mousse coquillette
menu example coquillette


Art Direction
Collaterals Design

Graphic Guidelines
Website Design
Digital Marketing Strategy