Creation of Cheeseburger | Bang Bang

Bang Bang

Burgers with attitude in the heart of Bangkok

Client: Bang Bang Burgers
Delivery: 2020
Location: Bangkok


Design and roll out the branding identity and voice from an existing logotype for Bang Bang Burgers. Develop and implement a social media strategy for Bang Bang while curating monthly content.

Creation of Cheeseburger | Bang Bang
Sunset with Bang Bang Branding Sign
Raging Bull Burger | Bang Bang
Tige Sticker | Bang Bang


In line with the lifestyle positioning of Bang Bang Burgers, elaborated a highly engaging branding, photography, and social media strategy evolving around curated and dynamic content, capitalizing on vibrant colours, user engagement, and a strong voice.

Social Media Grid | Bang Bang
Instagram Social Media Post | Bang Bang
Social Media Post | Bang Bang
Social Media Post | Bang Bang
Social Media Post | Bang Bang
Post Social MEdia | Bang Bang
Menu Layout | Bang Bang
The Cassius Burger Poster | Bang Bang
Poster Bang Bang
Bang Bang Red Poster
Chick Chick Bang Bang Poster
Bang Bang Yellow Poster
Matthew Mcconaughey Quote Poster | Bang Bang
Iron Mike Burger Poster Bang Bang
Bang Bang Poster
The Duke Burger Poster | Bang Bang


Bang Bang Burger’s visual identity is inspired by the fearlessness of athletes, jazz musicians and heroes in b-style movies. Bang Bang Burgers positions itself as a cheeky Sports bar serving audacious burgers. This is reflected in the use of vibrant colors, a bold and engaging tone of voice, and a photography curation that catches references with 70’s-80’s vintage visuals.

Interior Design | Bang Bang
Box Gloves with Drink | Bang Bang
Cassius Burger | Bang Bang
Bartender Beer | Bang Bang
Cassius Burger | Bang Bang


Opened in March 2021 and able to continue operating through the 3rd wave restrictions thanks to a strong take-away / delivery branding component and a rapid brand spin-off on social media

Burger in Hand | Bang Bang
Onion Rings & Boxing Glove Bang Bang
Pork Scratchings, Chicken Wings & Jalapeño Croquettes Bang Bang
Burger Aesthetic | Bang Bang
Pink background with two Burgers | Bang Bang
Yellow background with Burger | Bang Bang
Red Background with Burger | Bang Bang


Branding development
Graphic Guidelines
Packaging Design

Social Media launching strategy
Voice & Storytelling
Photography & Dynamic Content