The Yard Eatery & Swim Club

Case Study: The Yard Eatery & Swim Club

Melbourne abounds with new openings of cool and hip restaurants. How about opening one amidst a pandemic with a restrained budget and many restrictions?

Together Co-Living welcomed its in-house eatery called The Yard in March 2021, embracing the spirit of community. The restaurant offers all-day social dining which pays tribute to locally sourced ingredients.

Due to the limited budget of producing restaurant collaterals, we came up with a sticker system, focusing on the young and fun voice that speaks to this generation’s hearts and bellies. With four main neon-pastel background colors, shapes of nautical flags, funky icons, and wobbly typography, The Yard branding came alive to put its own lively spin on delicious comfort food, served for dine-in or on-the-go.

The Yard Melbourne logo
The Yard Melbourne brand collaterals
The Yard Melbourne artwork
The Yard Melbourne menus
The Yard Melbourne coasters
The Yard Melbourne Coffee cups
The Yard Melbourne takeaway packaging
The Yard Melbourne branding
The Yard Melbourne at Together Co-Living
The Yard Eatery & Swim Club Melbourne
The Yard Melbourne Tacos