Together Co-Living Melbourne

Together Co-Living

Full-on Branding and Rollout of Together Co-Living, disrupting the Co-Living scene in Melbourne

Client: GCP Hospitality
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Delivery: February 2021


GCP Hospitality acquired a cluster of two hospitality buildings in Melbourne and to avoid business cannibalization between the two properties, YouMakeMe was tasked with developing a tailor-made Co-Living concept and a brand that could be scaled to 450 keys, and reimagining a space program to activate over 3,000 sqm of public areas.

Together Co-Living Melbourne


Introduce Melbourne to a new standard of community living with the launch of Together Co-Living. Provide an all-in-one living solution specially designed for modern lifestyles, focused on community and interactivity with the perks of communal space and privacy. The design-driven site offers 455 spacious rooms of varying sizes for international students, travellers, workers, and young professionals.

Together Co-Living logo
Branding for Together Co-Living by YouMakeMe
Branding for Together Co-Living by YouMakeMe
Together Co-Living room keycard holder
Together Co-Living door sign
Together Co-Living post card


The existing building was reimagined as a space for nurturing a community, introducing a large co-working area equipped with meeting rooms, along with multiple indoor and outdoor spaces spanning across 3,300 square meters, ideal for dining, playing and socialising. Residents of Together Co-Living also have access to a restaurant and bar, a fully equipped 230 m2 gym, an outdoor heated pool, sports courts, and other facilities such as communal kitchens – as well as a series of over 25 planned monthly events.

Together Co-Living Melbourne room
Together Co-Living room
Together Co-Living common area
Together Co-Living co-working space in Melbourne
Together Co-Living Melbourne communal space


To support this trendsetting concept and enable Together Co-Living to have instant recognition, a strong Branding, Visual Identity, and launching strategy were created. The brand relies on the colors of the space: clean and sharp with a touch of spontaneity with a terrazzo pattern. The entire design is liquid and easily adapted to the in-house app, and the digital or print campaigns, hinting to the flexibility offered by the co-living. The Brand ties its community together through a young look and a smart voice consistently used all throughout.

Branding for Together Co-Living by YouMakeMe
Branding for Together Co-Living by YouMakeMe
Together Co-Living branded t shirt
Together Co-Living branded car


Finalist of the Coliving Awards 2021 in the Best Initiative Fostering Coliving

Together Co-Living bus stop ad
Together Co-Living Melbourne events calendar
Together Co-Living website


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