Scarlett herbed steak salt

Scarlett rolls out her pantry addition

Scarlett’s growth in the region has gone from strength to strength, earning itself a strong brand presence with its concepts in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Myanmar. For the brand to continue its growth, continued evolution remains important with new concepts being introduced to keep the brand fresh and exciting. ​

2020 saw a big shift in circumstances due to Covid-19, which changed the market landscape quite dramatically. There was a significant increase in online ordering and home delivery, resulting in customers everywhere becoming very well-versed in online ordering.​

Scarlett’s Pantry is a new concept that has launched across the region in Bangkok, Pattaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Yangon, and is acting as a standalone brand that sits under the umbrella of Scarlett. The concept takes an integrated approach to the marketplace. It offers a selection of house-made and artisanal products that is deeply connected to Scarlett’s DNA. Many of the items are also used as part of all the restaurants’ operations such as mustards, oils, salts, and vinegar. ​

We’ve come up with a label system, keeping the notorious Helvetica Neue font and incorporating a box system for the stamps, Scarlett Pantry comes alive in a sophisticated way yet keeps the funk in its DNA.

Scarlett Pantry pasta
Scarlett Pantry honey
25 Degrees famous pickles
Scarlett Pantry vegan chocolate spread
Scarlett Pantry canned sardines
25 Degrees Secret Hot Sauce