Shirley Brasserie at The Hollywood Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt x YMM

Shirley Brasserie:
A Culinary Jewel in the Crown of Hollywood Roosevelt

We are thrilled to introduce our latest branding work for Shirley Brasserie, nestled in the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. This French-inspired brasserie is a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, offering an innovative dining experience that celebrates the timeless splendor of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

Every dish at Shirley Brasserie brings authentic flavours and classic brasserie fare to the table, prepared using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients from carefully selected artisans. The heart of the kitchen is a wood fire stove, where talented chefs skillfully grill a selection of premium butcher cuts. Leading the culinary team is Chef de Cuisine Craig Hopson, an Australian with a storied career in Michelin-starred restaurants. His global journey, from Australia to Paris and New York, infuses the menu with a rich tapestry of flavours and techniques.

At YouMakeMe Agency, we have not only shaped the brand identity of Shirley Brasserie but also meticulously crafted the product profile and orchestrated a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign. Our storytelling prowess and eye-catching branding have captured the essence of Shirley Brasserie and its offerings.

The comprehensive menu, featuring classic hors d’oeuvres, raw bar selections, and butcher cuts, is complemented by an extensive wine list, curated in collaboration with expert winemakers, to cater to every palate.

Our involvement with Shirley Brasserie goes beyond the initial launch. We have provided ongoing F&B marketing consulting, liaising closely with the on-ground marketing team to ensure the brand’s voice remains consistent and powerful. We developed the opening and launching marketing strategies that have made Shirley Brasserie a talk-of-the-town destination. Our commitment to the brand’s success is evident in our full roll-out support, from brand creation to continuous consultation.

YMM’s collaborative efforts with the operations team ensure that Shirley Brasserie’s space captures its playful essence while maintaining an air of elegance and sophistication. The result is a destination that is not just a dining venue but a culinary adventure, inviting guests to partake in a gastronomic journey that is unforgettable.