Crafting the Identity of LUNA by CLARA: A Journey Through Branding and Culinary Art

Amid the energetic streets of Bangkok, LUNA by CLARA, a collaborative venture between Chef Simone Scarparo and Christian Martena, stands out as a pop-up sustainable restaurant, setting the stage for its future unveiling in Koh Samui.

The branding by YouMakeMe Agency encapsulates the venture’s spirit, merging Chef Simone Scarparo’s culinary artistry with Christian Martena’s forward-thinking ethos. The visual identity, imbued with natural, muted color palettes, clean lines, and modern typography, tells a tale of sustainability, innovation, and the richness of Thai ingredients. It sets the stage for an immersive dining experience where every plate promises a story and every ingredient echoes the commitment of LUNA by CLARA to conscious, creative cuisine.

LUNA by Clara Fine Dining Concept in Bangkok

This collaboration between Chef Simone’s extensive culinary expertise and Christian Martena’s insightful leadership in the culinary scene is reflected in every aspect of the branding. YouMakeMe Agency’s approach was to create a brand identity that transcends the conventional, mirroring LUNA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The branding stands as a testament to LUNA by CLARA’s unique position in the culinary world, preparing for its next chapter in Koh Samui. Through this branding journey, YouMakeMe Agency invites diners to experience a world where each dish is a story of taste, sustainability, and mindful culinary art.