Maison Dunand | Social Media for restaurant in Bangkok

Maison Dunand x YMM

We’re proud to shed some light on 2 of our latest clients, Maison Dunand and Alpea. For these 2 distinct restaurants, the scope of work we’ve undertaken includes: revamping their social media platforms, each tailored to distinctly represent their unique culinary ethos. Our team’s expertise has been channeled into crafting engaging social media narratives, complemented by high-quality photography and videography content.

At Alpea, our narrative strategy weaves intimately with the Chef’s personal journey, infusing the brand with a warm, relatable character that resonates with a diverse audience. We’ve brought Alpea’s story to life through captivating and catchy reels that perfectly encapsulate the essence of the brand’s unique experience. In contrast, we’ve given Maison Dunand’s social media page a renewed aesthetic that’s luxurious yet inviting, offering an authentic glimpse into the unique experiences and culinary delights that await patrons at the venue.

Additionally, we’ve devised a social media advertising strategy, running attention-grabbing ads to bolster bookings and enhance brand awareness for both Maison Dunand and Alpea. Through these targeted campaigns, we’ve successfully broadened customer reach and increased engagement. Our commitment to Maison Dunand and Alpea goes beyond the initial launch; we are dedicated to continually evolving their social media narratives, ensuring their unique stories resonate with the right audience.