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Haka House x YMM

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Haka House, the latest addition to New Zealand’s travel landscape, brought to life by YouMakeMe.

Our vision for Haka House Hostels was to develop a brand that conveys a sense of community, respect for local culture, sustainability, adventure, and speaks to Millennials and Gen Z. For this extensive project, we did more than create a hostel brand; we cultivated an experience.

From building the foundation of Haka House’s brand identity with a thorough Product Profile, to establishing their online presence and handling all the content production, YMM fully crafted the visual and verbal identity of Haka House, ensuring each element from the logo to the brand voice resonates with the brand’s core values.

Our brand vision was clear from the outset: to develop a space where sustainability, culture, comfort, exploration and community converge. The product we created goes beyond offering a place to sleep—it’s a platform for adventure, a canvas for stories, and a testament to the vibrant Kiwi spirit.

Haka House x YouMakeMe Agency
Haka House New Zealand x YouMakeMe Agency
Haka House Hostels

As Haka House opens its doors, we extend an invitation to global travellers to explore a stay that combines comfort, culture, and memorable experiences: www.hakahouse.com

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