Brand Concept Vision Case Study

Client: Qura Bar
Delivery: 2023
Location: Hong Kong


Regent Hong Kong, a beacon of luxury and style, sought to reimagine one of their premier Food & Beverage spaces as part of a comprehensive rebranding and repositioning initiative. They tasked YouMakeMe to conceptualize a brand vision that encapsulated the essence of “Curator,” creating an ambiance where the finest drinks, wines, spirits, and culinary experiences are brought together under one roof. Positioned overlooking the mesmerizing Hong Kong harbor, the space required a concept that would not only offer breathtaking views but also an unparalleled dining and drinking experience.


The development of the Qura Bar concept involved several strategic layers:

Naming & Brand Persona: YMM Agency crafted a brand persona that spoke to the sophisticated world traveler—someone who appreciates the narrative behind a fine vintage or a masterfully mixed cocktail. The name “Qura,” suggestive of “curation” and “quality,” was chosen to resonate with the essence of the space.

Brand Voice: We developed a brand voice that communicated the narrative of the curated experience with an undertone of elegance and discovery. This voice was carried across all communications to ensure consistency and recognition.

Collaterals & Branding: From the sumptuous menus to the bespoke napkin holders, every collateral was designed with the highest attention to detail. The use of embossing and high-quality materials reflected the premium nature of the brand. Business cards, coasters, and other touchpoints were crafted to leave a lasting impression of the Qura experience.

The strategy was to not only draw guests to Qura Bar for its food and drinks but to offer an immersive experience where every element of their visit was thoughtfully curated. The space’s branding and design promised an exclusive slice of Hong Kong, a respite from the bustling city below, and a sensory journey that extended well beyond the palette.


YMM Agency approached this challenge with a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. The concept of “Curator” was not just a title but an experience, signifying a collection of the finest offerings meticulously selected for the guests. The design of the space was inspired by the panoramic views of Hong Kong harbor, integrating the vibrancy of the cityscape with an atmosphere of sophistication and exclusivity.

The interior design evoked a sense of luxury and intimacy, utilizing rich textures, a warm palette, and elegant lighting to create a welcoming yet upscale environment. The arrangement of the seating, the artful presentation of the bar, and the thoughtful placement of decor elements all worked harmoniously to provide an ambiance that felt curated down to the last detail.


Concept Vision & Mission Development
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