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A hidden den to enjoy crafted cocktails, surprising nibbles and intriguing conversations.

Client: Sinnerman Bangkok
Delivery: October 2020
Location: Bangkok


Gifted and creative mixologist Francesco Moretti, of multi-award winning leading venues such as Urban Bar and Bar Rouge (operated by VOL Group helmed by World Best Chef, Paul Pairet), and Sarkies Bar in The Strand Hotel Yangon, joins forces with Christian Martena, to open his own bar: Sinnerman.

The place, sitting on the second floor of an iconic house in Bangkok, is dark, but cozy, intimate, and unique. Sinnerman doesn’t just offer cocktails, but experiences, the menu is a collection of cards, changing day to day depending on inspirations and ingredients.

Logo Series Butterfly Geometric Figures | Sinnerman


The bespoke mixology ambitions of Sinnerman pushes them to revisit the classics, and not play by the rules of mixology. Occult geometries, old books, natural sciences, biology illustrations, and the ambiance of this universe seemed appropriate with such a provocative approach.

Logo Series | Sinnerman
Bar Branding Folder | Sinnerman
Bar Design Detailing | Sinnerman
Liquor label design | Sinnerman
Butterfly Postcard | Sinnerman
Match Box | Sinnerman


The identity of Sinnerman is like its experiences, everchanging. Hence, the sole universal identifier is the “Black Sun”, which appears everywhere, discreetly. It is then surrounded by various illustrative montages of butterflies and flying insects, geometry, daggers, and mysterious symbols.

All the textures and papers, as well as most of the illustrations, have been directly scanned and reworked from 15 to 17th-century books.

The pre-opening teasing campaign was a unique collection of intriguing visuals, accompanied by song quotes, that, when read altogether, composed the bar’s manifesto.

Bartender Making Cocktail | Sinnerman
Bar with Crowd at Sinneman



Sinnerman is the newest Sathorn speakeasy by founder and cocktails connoisseur Franceso Moretti, who takes inspiration from the sun, butterflies and 1900s sensuality to create a convivial space for drinkers, and to revive the sense of community lost in the city’s hustle and bustle.

– TimeOut

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